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About TVOM

Fusion of Mind and Synth

Melancholic trip-hop elements with spherical synth passages, driven by varied beats - that's The Valley of Mantis (ZG). They mix different styles and transcend musical boundaries.


With the release of the debut EP "Mind Dive Vol. 1" in May 23 and the following record release party at Galvanik (ZG), a first milestone was set.

The journey continues in 2024 with the release of the EP "Mind Dive Vol.2": more polished and even more powerful - six more songs that follow on from Vol.1. Perfect for giving space to all the mind-heavy themes, but then letting them stand in space again.

The Valley of Mantis are

Angela: Vocals

Sonja: Keyboard

Andreas: Electric Guitar

Silke: Electric Bass

Matthias: Drums

Hashtags / Keywords

#mindive #synth #synthpop #synthrock #triphop #melancholisch #verkopft #vielseitig #fusion #brooding

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